And with that, we’re no longer subscribers

There was an amazing feeling I had when this current season was announced for Broadway in Chicago.  It was “we HAVE to see all these shows!”  And the most affordable rate was through becoming a subscriber.  So we finally did what I had always dreamed of, we bought our own seats.  I look at those seats now, and on first Saturdays of a show for 3 hours those seats are ours.  There’s a wee bit of pride in helping out the arts when you think of that.  

But in the blink of reading an article, the decision was made to cancel those wonderful seats.  Seriously BIC, I’m starting to realize your ploy of grabbing money now.  

The line up for next season is as follows:
West Side Story
Love, Loss and What I Wore
Ann:  An Affectionate Portriat of Ann Richards
Donny & Marie:  A Christmas in Chicago
La Cage Aux Folles
Come Fly Away
With off-season specials of:
Mary Poppins
Rock of Ages 
Fiddler on the Roof
The Addams Family

In the season line up there are only two shows I want to see out of seven.  I think the Donny & Marie being forced in there is the kicker for me.  No thank you.  And Ann Richards?  That couldn’t have been traded out for something else?  I think that Broadway in Chicago is just catering to their older clientele with half of this listing.  Who I’m sure pays the most in tickets, so who can blame them in the end.  

Then there’s the weird off-season shows.  Four of the five have been here in the past two years already.  Addams Family bombed not in sales but in reviews, and now Bebe Newirth and Nathan Lane won’t be in there.  Rock of Ages I just saw in October.  Fiddler, just here.  Mary Poppins, just here and extended it’s stay.  And then there’s Chicago, which is here for the first time in a bit.  Oh, but wait….only for ONE week.

So after one email to my wife with this list she sent back the “should we even bother” message.  My answer and she agrees is “NO”.  We will spend our money buying better seats to West Side Story, La Cage Aux Folles and Chicago at least.  Maybe a Memphis or Mary Poppins if money and time allows.  

Also, this way we’ll be able to hold on to more money for smaller theater shows going on around the city that are different and new.  With so many show touring across the nation and the world, we bring back things that we just had in our great city.  

I’m disappointed to say the least.  I really did feel prideful in those first Saturday seats.  And maybe others looked at last season and said “snore” while I jumped up and down.  And now this season they’re happy.  

What do you guys think?  Do I have the wrong mind set?  Should we be able to trade out shows if there are some we absolutely do not want to see?


Looking Ahead: Broadway in Chicago’s next season

As I continue through the past few weeks of Broadway in Chicago’s current season on this blog, you’ll begin to realize we didn’t like as many shows as we’ve liked.  Or actually, that’s basing it on loving Next to Normal in April – because they can’t screw that up, right?  Eek!  

Considering the lack of thrill we’ve gotten from the offerings we’re in the consideration process for next season, which should be announced here pretty soon.  We’ve had gut reactions and then some that we’ve come around to eventually.  In the end I think it’s going to be the combination of the season package that will decide it for us.  

So here’s what they’re offering after this season, so far:

Beauty and the Beast

Now this has been announced forever, so I’m thinking it’s just for the holiday tourist season and probably won’t be part of our season tickets package.  I saw this back in…….1996 I think, in London.  It was a birthday present from my grandmother.  I got all dressed up for the theater in London, took what at that time was one of my very few cab rides, and felt magical about to see my favorite Disney movie on stage in real life.  

Now this is one of my favorite shows to memory.  The song ‘Home’ is original to the show and one of the best songs.  The costumes were breathtaking and the songs sounded fantastic.  How many times have I seen this movie, and then this show makes me cry at the end!?  Crazy talk.  So in the end, this is one we might/might not pick up.  I would watch it again, but I’m not sure Val cares too much for it.  So check as “maybe” for now.

West Side Story

YES.  This is one that ever since we moved to Chicago that we’ve been saying “if that comes here, we’re going to it”, and then here it is.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the controversy of some of the lines being in Spanish.  Scandalousness!  Whatever.  People get over it, they were Puerto Ricans!  But whatever helps them sell tickets….anyways, this is a definite yes for our ticket holdings.

Love, Loss & What I Wore

First thought about title?  Straight chicks.  Then saw logo?  Straight chicks.  And then read the descriptions about women and their relationships etc….sounds a bit better, but I don’t think I’m the audience they’re trying to reach.  As a lesbian, who was always a tomboy anyways throughout life, I didn’t have too much love and loss, and I care less about fashion!  For me it’s tank tops and flip flops all the way!  So the verdict?  Pass.

Ann: An Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards

As someone who grew up in Texas, I know who Ann Richards is.  Unlike the lady in the bathroom during Les Miserables when we were talking about next season (“WHO?!”  was the response I got upon telling her the show).  Now, don’t get me wrong, Ann Richards was a great woman and a great asset to Texas at the time.  An entire show dedicated to her.  I’m on the fence about that one.


2010 Tony Winner for best show.  The plot and such doesn’t interest me much, but it’s supposedly good?  Though in my opinion it was slim pickings for this years Tony’s.  The song they play everywhere (I’m not sure the name) has that “Na na na na na na-na na” line in it that goes FOREVER.  If it’s part of the package, sure why not?  If not, I don’t know if I’ll make an effort to see it.

Come Fly Away


Have you seen any of these shows?  Love em or hate em?  Feedback before we throw down money is appreciated! 🙂