Breast in Show

Yeah, you read that title right – so already you’re off to a good start!  I’m going off my order of shows we’ve seen so far this year to skip ahead to this one since the run is almost over.   

GayCo Productions is a not for profit ensemble whose sketch comedy reviews have gay and lesbian themes.  I hadn’t heard of them until it seemed like every other member of pH Productions starting getting in.  This was our first show of GayCo’s to see and based on this one, we’ll definitely be back.

It’s $15 for an hour long show.  It’s held in what can only be described as the basement of the Apollo Theater (current home of Million Dollar Quartet).  I had no clue there was a downstairs!  And after a few lost looks and going back up to use the restroom we settled in our chairs.  

It’s an intimate feel, which I always adore.  A few rows of chairs, a small bar and just a simple stage, with a single curtain draping the back, and a guy on a keyboard.  Simplicity at it’s finest.  

The ladies in Breast in Show are hilarious to say the least.  There’s scenes that everyone will connect to gay/straight – I mean, *everyone* has dated before.  It’s the same for all!  A scene about a woman who’s no longer with her partner trying to get food stamps for her child, and the welfare office just can’t understand.  A scene with Dora and Diego that left me scratching my head a bit.  Lesbian computer nerds which always gets me hot!  

Before the show, the audience members were given papers to write sentences on that could or could not be used in part of the show.  They were cut into strips and then the improv magic began!  The ladies got the strips of paper to miraculously fit in with the tale of mother and daughter!  Improv never ceases to amaze me – I have no clue how they think that fast.

It made fun of stereotypes.  It was charming.  It was hilarious.  And in the very end scene, it was messy (I won’t give it away).  I highly, highly recommend this show to everyone if you get a chance.  It’s on through April 10th and plays only on Sundays at 7pm.  Take your girlfriends and laugh together.  It’s the best medicine there is.