We saw the green fairy!

Best. Show. EVER.

Seriously.  If you’re in Vegas and you love the whole idea of Cirque du Soleil acts, but also like good comedy and dirty jokes – this is THE place for it!  The whole experience is an experience! In reading reviews it sounds like everyone sums the show up as Cirque du Soleil meets Rocky Horror.  It combines fun into one not so very large tent.
The thing about reviewing this show is I don’t want to give away all the fun.  Considering there wasn’t a great description of it anyone could give me except “trust me, you HAVE to see it”, I now get that.  You don’t want to spoil it.  And it’s amazing-ness cannot be summed up – it has to be experienced.
It’s a process to get into the show to start.  You can begin lining up 45 minutes prior to the show starting.  There are no assigned seats unless you purchase a VIP seat.  This gets you in the first 3 rows and a complimentary drink.  In my opinion, unless you want to be that close, or the free drink, or dragged on stage, you don’t need the VIP seats.  There are not many seats, and they’re in a circle around one tiny stage!  There’s not a bad view in my opinion.  We ended up 6 rows back.  Not too shabby I’d say!
What I love about Absinthe is the encouragement to be loud, rowdy and obnoxious.  Your host is so why can’t you be?  They encourage being drunk/drinking.  They love people that play back with them – and if you don’t want to play, god help you, you’re screwed because they’ll latch onto you after that!  The Gazillionaire is your host along with his assistant Penny.  The chemistry between these two odd characters is fantastic.  And so funny, you’re crying.  A lot.  It’s just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 

And with that hilarity, there’s a show of acrobats happening!  Starting with a guy balancing on chair after chair in the middle of the tent.  To the point he reaches the ceiling!  Some strong men that created an almost ballet-like performance.  There was lots of balancing.  Lots of sexy women and half naked men.  Some talented folks are in this troupe.  And unlike the Cirque people, they’re actors as well!  They play along, mess and be messed with the Gazillionaire and genuinely seem to be having a great time.
Let’s face it.  What other show will tell you if you’re in the front row do not stand up while the roller skaters are on stage or you WILL get kicked in the teeth?  Or what other show will put on a tightrope act literally above their audience?  I doubt you’ll find one.  
The inside of the theater is gorgeous and decorated for the bordello that absinthe should be served in.  The people that work there are incredibly kind and helpful.  Down to their own Twitter feed where the person on the other side of the computer remembered me tweeting about seeing them soon and before we left to head to Nevada, sent me a tweet to ask if we were excited!  Excellent use of social media.  Inside the theater, you don’t have to worry about being yelled at for taking photos.  Just don’t use a flash and they let you snap and video to your heart’s desire!  Quite different!

We saw Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zumanity’ the night before and I was worried that Absinthe might be as lame as that was (it’s seriously not even worth my typing to talk about it – just go see O or Love and do yourselves a favor and skip Zumanity).  The thing is Absinthe is perfect for Vegas.  It doesn’t try to hard, it just is the production that it is.  And now they’re pitching a tent (giggle) in NYC this summer?  Sold and heading that direction when it opens! 

All-in-all if you’re not a prude (seriously, there’s some flashing dick and simulated puppet sex) and can’t stand to hear the word “fuck” and “cock” repeatedly this is the show for you!  If you’re in Vegas, it’s the new must see.  It’s hard to explain, but when you finally see it, it all makes sense in a very drug-induced way!  

And a few notes:  yes there are absinthe spiked cocktails.  Though I wished there was time for proper absinthe drinks!  Also, there is no bathroom inside the tent.  You have to go outside.  Believe me when I say, you won’t remember needing to pee.  You’ll be amazed and laughing to hard to even consider leaving the tent for fear you might miss something incredible!