Guess we don’t have to make that NYC trip after all

In a season of Chicago theater that included oddities such as Pinkalicious, Colin Quinn and Love, Lost and What I Wore, I was scared and excited to hear what Broadway in Chicago might bring to the table this time.  I was wishing for two things that I knew would be touring:  Sister Act, American Idiot, and Book of Mormon.  Mainly Book of Mormon.  

In fact the night before, Val and I were discussing an upcoming trip to NYC for the sole reason of seeing this production.  Which at earliest was going to be April, considering all other tickets were gone.  The following morning I’m on my Twitter feed and see a breaking news announcement.  I couldn’t believe it.  Chicago got Book of Mormon to start the second leg of their tours!  Thank goodness we didn’t book that trip.  Though April 2012 is closer than December of 2012, but I’ll take it!

The following day, BIC decided to announce their spring season of shows.  And I read the article and finished thinking about when I wrote that we were no longer BIC subscribers (which we aren’t) but now, we might have to be again.  Here’s what Chicago can look forward to for the Spring 2012 season:

American Idiot 
Bring It On

along with:
South Pacific
In the Heights
Mamma Mia
Jersey Boys

And then Book of Mormon for the holiday season.  American Idiot I’ve been wanting to see just for something different in the Broadway world besides remakes of old shows.  And being a Green Day listener since ‘Dookie’ I tend to listen to their newer albums.  The first time I heard American Idiot, I thought it was quite powerful, so I wasn’t surprised when it took to the stage.  It wasn’t something I was going to make a trip for, but now that it will be here, that’s easy!  

Fela! always has sounded fun, emotional and powerful.  Though most of what I’ve seen was on TV, I think it will be enjoyable.  Bring It On, well, this one I’m not sure of.  The movie I adore in all it’s cheesy campy style.  The musical?  I’m not sold, but I won’t turn it down.  I kind of want to down a bottle of wine before hand to make it funny.  But who knows?  On it’s own it might be.  Also, seeing the cheer-leading competition going on on stage could be interesting, right?  Well, we’ll see!

The latter shows, are some I’m not enthused about but there’s only one I don’t want to see and that’s Cats.  But then I think, am I a bad theater goer since I’ve never seen it’s stage production and only viewed it on DVD?  I loathe that music though, and the whole concept seems silly.  So I suppose, if it’s in the package, fine, I’ll suffer through, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.  In The Heights is one I would like to see the most.  Lin-Manuel is brilliant (as seen with his fine writing below for the 2011 Tony Awards, NPH’s great rap written on the fly) and this show looks edgy and gritty with well written music.  

So Chicago, which show(s) are you most looking forward to?  Of course everyone in the Theater Loop is abuzz about Book of Mormon.  Heck, we’re getting 15 of our closest friends to get the earliest tickets available I think!  But, do you agree that this Spring season makes up for the Fall of 2011?  Though….I will miss those awesome Bank of America seats we had when we canceled our subscription….*sigh*