Chicago (the show not the city) For One Week

Figures right after my post about what Broadway in Chicago has announced so far and my thoughts on it, they go and add another one.  I see how it is.  This is what I get for hating on your precious ‘Merchant of Venice‘ on Twitter right?  *wink*

Anywho, announced today is that Chicago will be making a one week stop in Chicago.  It’s been here numerous times (for obvious reasons) and I have yet to see it live on stage.  I love the music and adored the movie, and cannot wait to see what ‘Cell Block Tango’ looks like live!

The only casting announcement so far has been the part of Billy Flynn, who will be played by John O’Hurley.  I would say mostly known for Mr. Peterman on Seinfeld.  I loved him in my favorite episode of The X-Files, ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus‘.  To me, he’s too old, but I’m sure he’ll pull it off!

Great addition BIC!  Hope we can get tickets to this extremely short run!


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