Getting started (once again)

Okay, I started the Local Touring Chicago blog and made it up to two posts – so here’s hoping I can do better with this one.  

If there’s one thing my wife and I do a lot of, it’s attend shows in Chicago (and elsewhere as this year will bring!).  We’re now season ticket holders with Broadway in Chicago and also hit up the smaller theaters around town as well.

If that wasn’t enough our wedding was musical themed.

Complete with a different Playbill cover on each tabletop with the different shows we’ve seen so far!

And also one can’t forget the wedding favors! How’s about some Playbill beer pints?  Yes please!

In any case, we love the theater, and mainly musical theater.  Lately, we’ve had some hits and misses.  Some surprises good and bad.  So I’ll start this blog from the beginning of the year….well, almost the beginning.  I’ll start with Christmas Eve here in Chicago when we saw Wicked!  

Enjoy the blog and hope it helps you decide what shows you may or may not have an interest in!  Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the shows or the blog itself!  Look forward to it.


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Chicago girl living for the theater, museums, and happiness.

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